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Archie Winter, 5 years old, Albert’s Great Dane – huge

Birthday – 17th December

Star sign – Sagittarius

Character traits – adventurous, loyal, optimistic, risk taker, can be impulsive

Phobias – bats

Profile Archie Winter
Profile Albert Winter

Albert Winter, 10 years old, very small for his age

Birthday – October 9th

Star Sign – Libra

Character traits – caring, curious, fair, resilient, can be indecisive

Phobias – spiders, standing on top of very tall buildings on one leg, forgetting to put his trousers on

George Winter, 37 years old – Albert’s Dad

Birthday – 27th October

Star sign – Scorpio

Character traits – dependable, emotional, never lost for words, thinker, can feel misunderstood

Phobias – cotton wool, rats

Profile George Winter
Profile Stickman

Stickman, 25 years old, stick – very thin

Birthday – 23rd January

Star sign – Aquarius

Character traits – determined, ground-breaking, loves gadgets, sociable, can be easily distracted

Phobias –campfires, fences

Julia Winter, 38 years old, Albert’s Mum

Birthday – 20th April

Star sign – Aries

Character traits – enthusiastic, fearless, independent, loving, can be stubborn

Phobias – heights, snakes

Profile Julia Winter
Profile Lucy Dredgewater

Lucy Dredgewater, 10 years old, Albert’s classmate

Birthday – 14th June

Star Sign – Gemini

Character traits – creative, inquisitive, kind, spontaneous, can be too sensitive

Phobias – mice

Mrs Havers, old, Albert’s teacher

Birthday – unknown

Star sign – unknown

Character traits – aloof, cold, intimidating, strict, can be overwhelming

Phobias – unknown

Profile Mrs Havers